Hotel Packages

Never be distracted by guests losing their WiFi login and Password with a Wifi connecting QR code.
These codes come with an Acrylic A5 stand to sit at your reception area for your guests to scan into their phones memory as they check in

Direct Linking to your Air B&B Review Page

The importance of your guests leaving reviews for your property can best be described by quoting directly from Air B&B’s website;
” Reviews are essential to the entire Airbnb community, helping guests choose their travel plans wisely and enabling hosts like you to open their homes with confidence and attract guests who will love their stay.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that your Airbnb business is based on positive reviews. Each review helps guests decide whether to book with you, and Airbnb data suggests that a higher number of positive reviews is correlated with higher earnings.”

Our goal is to assist you in creating the right campaign and placement to maximise the benefit return on your small investment.
As well as providing you with high quality printed QR decals we also send to you the graphic vectors in .png format for you to reproduce if your decals become damaged at any point.