QR Advertising can greatly assist you in gaining a substantial amount of increased reviews of your property.

As a small business startup, we are positioed in the market to cater to the Air B&B community with an affordable and very effective solution to keeping your guests engaged with social media, having our codes placed strategically around your home.

We offer a standard package of QR Codes and Decals which should be plenty for the standard property, however we are happy to tailor a specific package that suits your particular needs.

Included in the Package are:
Review Us on air B&B (Transparent) 2100 x 990 mm x 2
Reveiw Us on Google Maps (Transparent) 2100 x 990 mm x 2
Like us on Facebook (White background) 50 x 35 mm x 12
Review Us on Air B&B (White background) 50 x 35 mm
WiFi Login and Password A6 (stand included)