Since 2013 QR Advertising has been working with small business to create unique advertising campaigns with the aid of QR code technology. QR codes were invented in 1994 by the Toyota car company in Japan and have been in use worldwide since.

QR Codes are a 2 Dimensional representation of binary code that are capable of creating almost any form of text which can be decoded by any phone with a camera.

Widely used and recognised now in the mainstream make QR codes the perfect cost effective permanent ongoing marketing campaign for your business.

We have found QR codes to be incredibly effective helping to link your offline marketing to your online marketing (Social Media).
For example, a QR Code which when scanned, takes the customer to your Business Facebook page where your customer can “Like”, “Follow”, “Review” and interact with you and your future campaigns.

Therefore, we provide your business with high quality printed QR decals and Stickers for you to display in high traffic areas of your business.

We also include the design Vectors for you to make reproductions in the future should you need to.